Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sick Kids

So I finally took Logan into the doctors yesterday. He has RSV and double ear infections. What a miserable little boy. He is so good though, for being that sick he is actually pretty happy. Oh and not to mention he is also cutting another tooth. He is manageable during the day, its the nights that he is waking up every hour and crying. I feel so bad for him.

This morning Chloe woke up just crying and miserable. She is complaining of an earache and she has some weird red lumps on her legs. So we will be going to the doctor again today.

I asked Jake how he was feeling, to make sure that when we go to the doctor this time we get everything taken care of. He was playing blocks and having fun. He looked at me with the most pathetic look and said, "Oh, my ears are aching." What a little stinker. He is just fine!

I thought with the weather warming up and spring on the way we could finally get feeling better here. Oh how wrong was I? I think the kids have been sick for an entire month. The poor things!


  1. Your mom told me about your kids this morning. I can't believe it! NO WONDER you are so tired and worn-out! I hope that get feeling better really quick!!

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  2. I am so sorry your kids keep getting sick! I hope they are on the mend. I love this blog, btw!
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