Monday, March 23, 2009


I am trying so hard not to be Twilight obsessed. Last night however, I gave in and I am now reading the books again (this is like the 3rd time). I couldn't help myself after watching the movie with my Mom on Saturday night. Now I plan on watching the movie again after I finish the first book. I really want to compare the two and see how close they are. It is interesting to read Twilight and picture the movie characters because they are so different from what I had originally imagined. I can't believe I am reading these books again. I never read books twice, let alone three times. I am crazy, I know!


  1. Hey, we are avid HP fans over here, and I hear that Twilight is just as engrossing... we don't blame ya one bit! Hooray for good books, though... they are sometimes hard to find!