Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Today Malisa took pictures of the kids. I love that she is so willing to take them, because I hate getting their pictures done. It is so hard to find nice outfits for them all to wear. They also get worn out really fast. I think overall we got some cute pictures. I wish they would have cooperated a little longer so that we could have gotten a few more, but I guess we have to take what we get.

Chloe took some adorable pictures. This is my one of my favorites!

Jake is my funny boy! He was making funny faces the whole time we were taking pictures.

This picture shows their true personalities. Jake looks like he just tortured Chloe and Logan, and loved it. Logan is crying because I am not holding him. Chloe looks like she is pouting because Jake wasn't being very nice. Classic!
What cute kids!

Logan decided he was not going to smile for the camera today. He is a very serious boy. I love this picture of him!


  1. So cute! Your kids always look adorable in their pictures! Mayalia also cries whenever she isn't the center of MY attention! Who do these kids think they are... the babies?? Sheesh! Gotta love it, cause the time slips by too fast.

  2. Very cute. I should have lightened the photo of the three of them though. I think I cuold have made it better. :)