Friday, May 1, 2009

It's about time!

Logan is doing so much better! He is finally a happy baby again. He is so much fun. He is still scooting, but he can now scoot EVERYWHERE and get into EVERYTHING! He is even starting to pull up to things.

You see this exciting, because about 2 weeks ago we found out that he is anemic. He hasn't gained any weight since he was 6 months old and his physical development has completely stopped. I was started to get really worried about the poor little guy. He is now on an iron supplement, and I think it is starting to work. I have noticed a huge different in his energy levels. He is so much more energetic and just HAPPY! I am so grateful that we found out what was going on with him. It is so nice to finally, after months of craziness, have my cute little Loggers back. (Oh, and guess what else he slept through the night twice this week. Isn't that great?) YEAH!!!!


  1. He is really cute, too! I loved seeing everyone. I can't wait to get a picture sent to Chloe, by both email and snail mail! She is a doll. Jake was just so funny, as usual! He and Chloe steal my heart everytime I see them.

  2. I'm finally catching up on blogs! Let Logan know that I SO understand his energy problems. Him and I will have to talk about it. :)